Presentation Fonts – 4 Free Favorites From Font Squirrel

Check this post Presentation Fonts – 4 Free Favorites From Font Squirrel from SlideRocket Online Presentation Software:

Fonts are a subtle and surprisingly easy way to set your slide design apart from the crowd. It’s easy because you only have to choose a font once and you reap the rewards on every slide.

Font Squirrel is an excellent place to start looking for the best presentation font for you. For one thing it’s free. But there is a lot of talent on the site, and we’ve picked out 4 fonts that really caught our eye. Read about them below and see them in action in the SlideRocket presentation. We picked a Museo 300, ChunkFive, Aller and a District Thin font. These are all excellent and we definitely recommend them for your next presentation.

We also spent an equal amount of time on the sites of the font designers to make sure they had the design chops and character to back-up their fonts. They all do.

Quick Presentation Font Primer

Remarkable fonts make a good slide design element in their own right, and focus attention on your message. But make sure you stick to solid design principles when choosing. If you wander too far into the land of script fonts, or serif fonts for that matter, you may find your audience getting distracted. Though if you’re not projecting to a screen, and if you keep your font sizes relatively large, you can safely venture into more serif fonts for your presentation.

The Search for Great Presentation Fonts

Much like looking for presentation images, I find looking for new fonts to be overwhelming. With so many choices it’s not hard to burn hours browsing the many available font sites. Which is why we focused on Font Squirrel and helped you sift through the many options to uncover 4 great font designers and their free fonts.

Exljbris – Museo 300
A one-man Dutch shop, Exljbris brings us a striking Slab Serif with Museo 300. Great clean design with a dose of flair that’s not distracting. We paired Exljbris with a bright green chameleon to play off the little “slabs” on his claws.

Dalton Maag – Aller Font
When your presentation needs a little sophistication, look to Dalton Maag’s Aller font. Super smooth with a touch of class, this font is a great accent for your top-end product. Dalton Maag hails from London but has since expanded to Brazil and Cairo.

Garage Fonts – District Thin
With it’s District Thin font, Garage Fonts caught our eye. The sharpness of the font grabbed us right away. We put together a bombastic jellybean slide to exaggerate the merits of this font. Garage Fonts has been pushing the envelope of font design for many years.

The League of Movable Type – ChunkFive
An edgy group, The League of Moveable Type brings us ChunkFive. This robust font tells your audience that you’ve got something meaty to share with them. With such a unique portfolio we’ll be back to dig a little deeper.

Want to share with us your favorite font?



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