Il Messaggero – the winning campaign and those alike

Check this post Il Messaggero – the winning campaign and those alike from BootB Blog: Unlimited Creativity:

All roads lead to Rome.

And that was exactly the case of the Pitch run on BootB by Il Messaggero, the reference newspaper of the journalistic landscape of Rome. The objective of the creative Brief, a very well written one by the way, was a re-launch campaign to restate its commitment towards its readers and its territory – Il Messaggero has always been the newspaper made for Rome and for all Romans.

No wonder, not one but 5 Creators had submitted Solutions with the same creative direction: the old story of Rome. This is absolutely natural, especially when the Brief provides clear instructions and the participating Creators are good professionals.

Among all 157 Solutions the Brand has chosen the one submitted by lsepartners, Solution that brings back some of the most famous episodes of the history of Rome. While having a different layout, the idea behind this proposal, was identical to the one used by 4 other Creators. Therefore we are now making them all public to clear any doubts that might have arisen.
Winning Solution by lsepartners

This is the winning Solution, number 103, called “Da Sempre” (For all time) and signed lsepartners.

And here are the other proposals built around the same idea: the history of Rome and the legacy of Il Messaggero.


Solution number 5, called “Il Messaggero and Its Story” submitted by ragazzi.

Solution number 31, “We’ve always been here” signed marcosiracusa.
Solution 35

Solution number 35,”Messaggero for Rome” published by marcolucidiud.
Solution 77

Solution number 77, published by vally21 with the title “Il Messaggero, the News in Rome”.

We sincerely congratulate all 5 Creators!



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