Find your presentation Yoda – 7 books to make you awesome

Check this post Find your presentation Yoda – 7 books to make you awesome from SlideRocket Online Presentation Software:

Looking for inspiration, guidance and tips on how to develop good presentation skills?  We’ve provided ample presentation resources to put you on course. But we heard from the presentation community that we should have included presentation books. So, here are the 7 we recommend you explore to get the critical help you sometimes need and perhaps find your long lost presentation skills coach.

What would a post about improving your presentation skills be without an actual presentation? View this creative presentation to learn more about the books we recommend. If you’re a SlideRocket customer we’re happy to share it into your account to use as inspiration or a template for you own presentations. Just follow the instructions on slide #9.

These books challenge the conventional approaches to creating a presentation. They span the creation and delivery of presentations, realizing the connection between thought, visualization and communication. Doing it right is a complex undertaking. But these books from the best presentation coaches excel at breaking down good presentation skills for us.

Slideology & Resonate, by Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte contributes two books to the list – Slideology and her new book Resonate. Taken together, they stretch your mind to look beyond traditional approaches to creating PowerPoint slides. The concepts are fascinating and a deep dive into building your presentation skills.

Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds has emerged as the go-to presentation skills coach for those looking for a fresh approach to presentations. He advocates that the presentation should reinforce what the speaker is saying and not try to tell the story itself. What’s the risk in reading this book? Finding out how bad your presentations really are.

Boring to Bravo, by Kristin Arnold

Open this book to any page and you’ll be granted a new skill to become a better presenter. Even if you’ve read it before, it behooves you to read it again as you gear-up for your next presentation. Kristin’s practical advice and coaching is refreshing, calming, and helps you devise a solid presentation strategy.

The Back of the Napkin, by Dan Roam

Dan Roam’s presentation philosophy is that simple visual thinking helps solve complex problems. He imprints his message by using the standard cocktail napkin and stick figures to explain complicated concepts. Dan’s steps and rules give structure to the cocktail party.

Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, by Carmine Gallo

With Steve Jobs as the shining example, Carmine Gallo breaks down effective presentation skills to help us concentrate on the core of our presentation. Get at the big idea, communicate why it matters to you, and find the point of true connection with the audience. Will you drink the Steve Jobs Kool-Aid?

Beyond Bullet Points, by Cliff Atkinson

Cliff Atkinson provides the antidote for the PowerPoint and bullet point addicted. With a foot firmly planted in Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Cliff pushes the reader to flesh-out the story before dumping all that wonderful information into a presentation.



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