4 Vital Tips for iPad Presentations

Check this post 4 Vital Tips for iPad Presentations from SlideRocket Online Presentation Software:

Who knew the serendipitous meeting of a new prospect in the coffee shop or conference would lead to much more than leaving your card? Now you can leave them impressed, with a great iPad presentation. But any inspiring presentation calls for solid planning and you’ve got to plan around the unique aspects of the iPad channel, venue, and audience.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind for successful iPad presentations:

  • Get an iPad presentation app.

Before you can present on an iPad, you’ll need an iPad presentation app. Keynote and SlideRocket are your best bets. Delivering a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad is possible. But it requires that you first change it to a picture or video format. You can’t actually present using PowerPoint itself.

  • Seating is very limited.

Design your presentation with the venue in mind. You’ll be able to have three or four people max view the iPad’s 9-inch screen. Plan for this. Otherwise you’ll leave those who can’t really see annoyed. In addition to spontaneous opportunities, many professionals are finding great use of the iPad in making presentations as part of their sales and marketing appointments. But again, it works best for small audiences.

  • Think large.

With the iPad’s small screen, keep the visual elements of your presentation simple. Use larger, basic design components for clearly communicating your message. The same goes for text. Keep it down to as few words as possible.

Keep a good balance of visuals and text. Don’t let one overpower the other. And, try to keep the presentation to the least number of slides possible. Last, if you design the presentation on a desktop, make sure the pixel variation on the iPad still clearly conveys the images.

  • It’s a conversation.

If you’re designing an iPad presentation for the unplanned, chance encounter with a prospect, remember some important points about your audience. From their perspective, this is a completely unexpected, spontaneous event. And while they may welcome your presentation, the nature of the communication will be quite different than in a traditional presentation. Plan on conversation. Don’t simply read from the slides. That’s always boring. But it will be especially so with an iPad presentation. Instead, you have an opportunity to present in a manner that encourages questions and conversation. Design your presentation with that in mind.

Let us know your iPad presentation tips and how you’ve used the iPad to take advantage of “spontaneous” presentation opportunities.



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