Google is hiring 2,000 people – How to get a job at Google

Check this post Google is hiring 2,000 people – How to get a job at Google from Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing:

Google has over 2,000 job openings now. You can find a complete list of the jobs here. Google currently employs about 23,000 people worldwide. The openings are in nearly all job categories and in many locations around the world. Developer relations, the group I work in, has many job openings too.

You might want to read, “How to get a job at Google, hiring process and interview questions. Also read “How Google sets goals and measures success”. I recently completed “My first year at Google” and wrote about my experiences. These posts should give you a good feel for what it is like to interview, how you will be measured, and what life is like at Google.

In some ways the Google hiring process is pretty standard, it is the decision process that is different. This video explains the steps and what to expect. All open jobs are listed on  Browse for a job that fits you and submit your resume online. Every resume submitted online gets reviewed.

Even with 2,000 job openings there are still many more qualified candidates than there are openings. It is very competitive. So, how do they decide who to accept or hire? Assume that most applicants have great grades, impressive work experience, and great references.

How can you stand out? Do something special. Be a significant contributor to an open source project. Write a blog or be a thought leader on a specific topic. Create a mashup or hack or something cool and useful that uses current technologies. Be a leader, create something, convert your passion into something tangible. Technical people could build something. Designers could mock up something. Business people could start a group, or a small business. Creative people could write something, create a video, or show their passion in some way.

The selection process isn’t a perfect science. Stanford andHarvard accept between 7% and 9% of all applicants, and readily admit there are many more qualified candidates. Google and Facebook hire a significantly smaller percentage. Google receives more than one million resumes every year.

Go for it! Google wants fearless people who will battle against the odds. We want people who will shoot for the stars. One of the first things I learned at Google is “achieving 60% of the impossible is better than 100% of the ordinary”.

Send me an email if you need help with the process. If I know you and something about your work I will submit your resume for you. Google pays a referral bonus to employees for successful hires. So, I am more than happy to help 🙂

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