7 Keyword Suggest Tools Beyond Google

Check this post 7 Keyword Suggest Tools Beyond Google from Search Engine Journal:

We all know about the value that you can find while performing keyword research using the Google Suggest feature for regular search as well as images, videos, and more.

Google Keyword Suggest

But let’s look beyond Google for a moment – other sites are incorporating the suggestion feature in their search box as well. Here are just a few of them, as well as some examples of the variety in keyword ideas in comparison to the ones Google suggests as pictured above.


Bing Keyword Suggest

Looking to get your site optimized for Bing? Why not start with seeing what keywords are popular with Bing as opposed to Google?


Yahoo Keyword Suggest

Although Bing and Yahoo are merged, what people type into one vs. the other is quite different, as is shown by the results of this search vs. the one in Bing pictured earlier.


Blekko Keyword Suggest

Blekko, the new search engine slash SEO tool offers unique suggestions including their slashtags.


Topsy Keyword Suggest

Topsy is a social media search engine which looks at the latest links and photos shared on Twitter about particular topics.


Wefollow Keyword Suggest

Wefollow is a Twitter directory that allows Twitter users to list themselves under particular keywords. You can see what people consider themselves experts in in relation to your keyword.


Delicious Keyword Suggest

Want to see what is most searched when it comes to social bookmarking? Delicious offers suggestions in their search box when looking for bookmarks.


YouTube Keyword Suggest

The suggestions offered by YouTube are the same as the ones suggested by Google Video – the only difference is that on Google you will get results from lots of video networks, whereas YouTube results will stick with YouTube videos.

Your Favorite Non-Google Suggest Tool

Do you use another search engine for the web or social media that offers suggested searches while you type? Please share your favorites in the comments!

Check out the SEO Tools guide at Search Engine Journal.

7 Keyword Suggest Tools Beyond Google



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