15 Visual Communication Blogs to Inspire Great Presentations

Check this post 15 Visual Communication Blogs to Inspire Great Presentations from SlideRocket Online Presentation Software:

In August, Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously said that every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Visual communications, especially presentations, are an opportunity to distill complex information into digestible pieces. Here’s a collection of visual communication blogs to inspire your next great presentation.

Visual communicators use metaphor, symbols, and graphics to simplify complex information.

1. Vision Jar
Johanna Rehnvall shares new directions in presentation design in this excellent blog – rich with resources and thoughtful posts. She’s got a heck of a design eye and a knack for spotting innovative trends.

2. Duarte Blog
The best collection of storytelling and business communication tips out there. Nancy Duarte’s team covers everything from Great Moments in Presentation History to How to Spread Your Talk.

3. Note and Point
If you are a presentation designer, you’ve got to check this site every day. Note and Point posts the cream of the crop from the presentation world. Their mission? “Filling the gaping void of inspiration for those of us who use projectors.”

4. Presentation Zen
Garr Reynolds is the presentation sensei, the patriarch of Presentation Zen. Garr dishes out practical advice so that you can realize your presentation idea in its most beautiful form. Also check out his posterous. Ah, my work is done.

5. This is Indexed
When your standard graphs, venn diagrams, and metaphors just won’t do, this delightful and witty collection of infographics is sure to inspire.

6. Design Mind
You won’t find many posts about presentation design, but you’ll see an array of posts on business and visual communication from the people at Frog Design.

7. Information is Beautiful
Infographics to inform and inspire your next data visualization, color scheme, or layout.

8. Ethos 3
Tips, tricks and hacks for presentations from the presentation gods themselves.

9. Communication Nation
Get inside the mind of Dave Gray, a visual thinker and communicator. Also check out Dave’s posterous and his visual thinking company, XPLANE.

10. Infographics Showcase
A collection of infographics from around the web. Tip: browse the categories (from pop culture to business) if you need specific content.

11. Viz Think
A vibrant community of visual thinkers who believe visuals can convey your message simply and effectively. Browse articles tagged with presentations or explore all categories!

12. Apollo Ideas
Beautiful examples of simple and clear presentations as well as helpful tips and tricks.

13. metacool
Good ideas from Diego Rodriguez. Enough said.

14. Digital Roam
Adventures in visual thinking from Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin.

15. Eat Media
Insightful posts on visual communication channels, including social media, user experience, and content. Also love their window quotes.



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