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Doing a blog search doesn’t always yield your desired results so I’ve compiled a list of all the best blogs that I regularly visit, subscribe to and recommend to you.

I know it can be time-consuming to follow a lot of blogs, but choose your favorite few and you’ll always be in for a pleasant dose of reading pleasure.

I’ve made it easy for you to navigate/subscribe these new blogs:

Just click on the logo of the blog you want to visit

Personal Development


Annabel has a very cool mix of business tips, blogging advice and personal development. She often writes guest posts for the gigantic blogs like Zenhabits and Copyblogger, so her work is definitely worth paying attention to.

Author: Dragos

Dragos is a very cool dude from Romania. He has had a very interesting life with really successful businesses, and he shares his wisdom and knowledge with us over at his blog about personal development.

Author: Oscar

Oscar is a young guy from Italy living in Spain.

He has a programmer background and makes a living from online and various consulting work, but he has a passion for personal development and productivity hacks. On his blog you will find countless posts about increasing productivity, living healthy, making money and much more.

Author: Henri

Henri is a young guy from Sweden living in Spain. (Seems like Spain is a popular country for bloggers).

I’ve watched Henri grow his blog right from the beginning, and he’s done it incredibly well. He writes very helpful articles about building the life you want and doing what you are passionate about.

Learn from his success of making passive income online and enjoy his stories about how he made lots of money playing poker.

Author: Karol

Karol is an awesome guy with an incredibly interesting background. He started making money on the internet when he was very young, and has since made tens of thousands of dollars from his projects.

He has traveled a lot and has a lot of wisdom and experience to share, so at his blog you will find a cool mix of traveling, personal development and ways to make money.

Author: Sid

Sid is an awesome guy. He is very creative and very dedicated to creating useful articles that help you change your life for the better.

Besides being the author of, he is also the co-founder of popular Blogcastfm – a podcast series with interviews of the top bloggers around the globe.

Author: Ash

Ash is an wildly energetic girl who loves questioning the status quo. She blogs about lifestyle design, travel, culture and gives great inspiration for you to start working to turn your dreams into reality.

Author: Colin

Colin is one very cool dude. He makes his living online and through consulting, but he loves blogging too. The cool thing is that he lives in a different country every few months, and he usually let’s his readers decide which country he is going to live in next.

For some kick-ass perspectives on life and everything related to it, definitely check out his blog.

Health & Fitness

Author: Amber

Amber is a very pretty, very down to earth girl who loves healthy eating and healthy living.

She is an avid pilates practitioner and often does instructional videos on her blog. Besides that, you will often hear her talk about how to eat healthy and also about products that you use for your skin and body.

Author: Matt

Matt started his blog about healthy living and eating after going through a phase in his life where he became overweight and felt seriously unhealthy himself.

He made the transition to a lean body and healthy diet, and he shares his knowledge and experience about taking care of your body through lifestyle and diet.

Beauty & Make-Up

Author: Renee

Renee loves beauty and make-up and has written hundreds of articles jammed with tips and updates on how to make yourself look beautiful.

Needless to say, this is for girls only.


Author: David

David is a healthy and adventurous guy who has seen much of the world. He doesn’t claim to have all the answers but he enjoys living a minimalist lifestyle and shares his experience and tips with the world through his blog.

Author: Everett

Everett has not had his blog for that long, but it’s already creating a huge movement in the blogosphere.

With over 6000 subscribed readers and countless amazing articles about life and minimalism, FarBeyondTheStars is a blog worth following!

Language Learning

Author: Benny

Benny is an Irish polygot. What that means is that he speaks multiple languages…fluently.

Benny has traveled to many places around the globe, and is constantly learning new languages (currently he is learning to speak Hungarian).

Because of his experience with languages, he has development a method for anyone to learn to speak a language fluently in 3 months. Check out his blog if you want to know more.

Internet Marketing


Glen writes incredibly detailed and essential articles about everything related to internet marketing. His topics range from SEO to Blogging to Affiliate Marketing and his style is one of a kind.

Glen prefers quality over quantity and that is why Viperchill is an awesome blog to subscribe to.

Author: Pat

I’ve watched Pat build up SmartPassiveIncome right from the start and he has done an amazing job!

Pat has written dozens of articles teaching you how to make money from online ventures, ranging from blogs to Facebook to Video’s to iPhone apps.

A great blog to subscribe to!

Author: Tyrant

The Blogtyrant is a recently new addition to my list of favorite blogs, but from the moment I discovered it I spent hours reading through his articles.

Just like Glen from Viperchill, Blogtyrant writes really in-depth articles covering all sorts of topics related to blogging. Very useful indeed!


Rob writes about a wide range of tools, services and methods that you can use to grow your online business and expand your presence.

One article a week makes sure that you don’t get flooded with info but get a useful little dose of goodness that you can use with your online projects.

Author: Steve

Steve shares his journey of how his wife quit her job and they now make a full-time income online. He has awesome articles, tutorials and start-up guides that are very useful if you are trying to make money online.

Author: Corbett

Corbett has been self-employed since 2006 and living the way he chooses. He makes his money online and
he shares his tips and experience for creating the life you want on his blog.

If you are wanting to make a full-time income online then you need to check out Free Pursuits!

Author: Brian

Copyblogger is THE resource you need to visit for all your information about writing, copywriting, blog writing, sales copy, headlines, content structure and so forth.

Without a doubt, if you are a writer, you need to subscribe to Copyblogger articles immediately!

Author: Darren

Problogger is THE resource that you need to follow for everything related to blogging, plugins, tools, programs, services, techniques and much much more.

If you’re into internet marketing and blogging and you’re not signed up to Problogger, do so now!

Author: Christine

Christine left her (well-paid) corporate job and has since built up her own online empire. She travels the world and shares her experience about making money from the web, traveling and life.

Business & Money

Author: Adam

Adam is a 26 year old guy, married and with a beautiful daughter. Together with his wife and daughter, he went on a mission to clear his debt and at the same time travel the world.

He has done a great job in not only achieving his goals, but also by sharing his journey and experiences and teaching others how to do the same. Check out his blog if you want to get out of debt and build a financially independent life!

Author: Maren

Maren is a smart, young woman from Nevada.

She is all about escaping the 9-5 slavery and she blogs about how you can start your own business, has fantastic podcasts with really successful and famous entrepreneurs and is a blog that you must follow if you are interested in working for yourself!

Author: Brooke

Brooke is one smart and pretty girl. She runs her own consulting firm, works from anywhere in the world and travels to where-ever her heart desires.

She shares her experiences of traveling, and especially gives tips and advice about business opportunities while traveling abroad, like teaching in Thailand for instance!

Authors: Ricardo & Carmen

Ricardo and Carmen do a great job of sharing tips, knowledge and experiences about working while traveling.

They teach you how to make money from a mobile business and also enjoy the beautiful places that the world has to offer. Once again, if you are interested in creating a lifestyle like this, subscribe to their blog!


Author: John

John is a veteran traveler with much wisdom. He has lived in Japan for many years and has recently sold his house to pursue his dreams together with his wife.

He regularly interviews very cool people who make a living from online and travel the world, but he also shares his own experiences on his blog!

Author: Mark

Mark has grown up in various countries and continents, and this gave him an early interest in travel. After he graduated he has visited more places than most people do in a lifetime, and he shares his experiences of his travels on his blog. If travel is your thing then you should definitely check out Migrationology!

Author: Dan

Dan is a 25 year old who is obsessed with traveling. He works a normal job and makes a side-income from some online projects of his, but above all his biggest dreams are to travel the world.

He writes awesome articles about traveling and about his own travels and loves sharing his experiences with others.

Author: Alan

Believe it or not, but Alan has traveled to 51 different countries. Needless to say, his travels have taught him an incredible amount about life.

Alan shares his wisdom and findings with us, so if you are interested in learning to set achievable goals so that you work towards your success one step at a time, you need to check out his blog!

Author: Aye

Aye with his wife and daughter decided to sell everything they own and move to Thailand.

His blog is a journal of their adventures, travels and experiences as they live their life the way the want to.

Author: Sarah

Sarah is a 20-something from New York. Her greatest dream has always been to travel the world, and now that dream has come true.

Together with her best friend, she is setting out on a journey for a year that will take her to dozens of countries all across the globe. You can follow her journey and share her experiences by subscribing to her blog.

Author: Sean

Sean is a regular cool dude from the States. He realized that he does not want to spend his life working for a corporate firm and thus quit his job and set out to build something up for himself.

Sean blogs about his adventures and experiences as he builds his location-independent lifestyle, so if you are doing the same or interested in building a similar lifestyle, check out Sean’s blog!

Author: Dwight

In Search Of Sanuk is concerned with alleviating the ills of urban poverty in Bangkok. It is run by a few dedicated people who want to make a difference and I really enjoy seeing how they are going about it.

Follow their blog to see how hard life can be in Thailand, but also see how it is possible to make a positive difference with some combined work and effort.

Author: Cody

Cody is a very ambitious and remarkably successful location-independent dude.

That sounds complicated. In simpler terms, Cody managed to quit his job and be 100% self-employed through his online businesses.

He has lived abroad for many months, and enjoys the freedom that comes from his lifestyle. On ThrillingHeroics, he encourages and inspires you to live the same lifestyle, and he gives great advice and tips that you can use to build your own location-independent lifestyle.

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