Generating Leads Through Dynamic Content

Check this post Generating Leads Through Dynamic Content from Social Media Monitoring and Engagement – Radian6:

“That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is dynamic and random is confusing. In between lies art.” – John A. Locke

What does it mean to make your content dynamic? You want your content to rise above the Web 1.0 tomes of monologue and be visually entertaining while driving thoughtful action. Yet, there is a fine line you walk while creating this content that borders between entertainment and distraction. You want your customers or community to purposely interact with the content created.

Remember the mall scene from Minority Report? Wouldn’t it be nice (for you and perhaps your customer or prospect) to tailor content based on a retina scan? Well, while we are making progress with how we personalize content to make it relevant for our community, we have not yet reached that level of automation and dynamic content. This is definitely a topic that we discuss internally amongst our Community team and it just so happens this topic of content creation and the tips and tricks of lead generation through integrated marketing communications dominated last week’s #IMCchat.

The key to creating dynamic content with the ultimate purpose of lead generation is to understand what your community wants and be able to deliver different levels of participation and levels of intensity.


  • Understand each channel and the different ways individuals consume the content delivered throughout the customer decision/purchase process.
  • Examine the data from all customer touch points to determine the point of need.
  • Craft and test unique communication.


  • Deliver content that is relevant for the consumer.
  • Remember, nothing (no channel) is dead if your community wants it.
  • Consider the resources and frequency required to deliver content so you do not create a false expectation.
  • Avoid limiting content to social media distribution and engagement; social media must work in tangent with other communications and there is no one magic solution.
  • Ascertain the right timing to deliver content…it all comes down to research.

Mutual Engagement

  • Interact with your community on their terms (Abide by spam laws and opt-in etiquette).
  • Remember instant gratification metrics of consumption only scratches the surface; Interact and measure the long tail of content.
  • Avoid putting up useless walls; less barrier to entry and consumption is a pathway to learning and interacting more with your community.

Let’s keep this conversation going. How do you generate dynamic content?



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