Teaching Strategic Intelligence Through Games (Final Version With Abstract)

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Strategic intelligence is considered by intelligence professionals to be the highest form of the analytic art.   There is a tremendous demand for this type of intelligence product and a lack of trained professionals capable of producing it.  Developing effective teaching methods for this challenging subject, therefore, is an area of ongoing concern for the business, law enforcement and national security intelligence communities.
Previous research suggests that a game-based approach to teaching can be successful but no report so far has examined game-based learning in intelligence analysis.  I hypothesized that a game-based approach to teaching strategic intelligence analysis would increase learning and improve performance while also increasing student satisfaction with the course.
This paper reports the initial results and lessons learned from teaching three full courses (2 undergraduate and one graduate) in strategic intelligence using games as a teaching tool.  The paper will begin by examining the unique challenges in teaching about strategy, strategic decisionmaking and the types of intelligence that supports those efforts.  This will be followed by a short discussion concerning games based learning generally before examining in detail the specific approaches used in these three courses.   
This paper will also examine both the learning outcomes and student satisfaction with the courses.  Finally, this paper will discuss appropriate course modifications for undergraduate and graduate students when teaching advanced subjects with games based on the evidence from this study.
 Part 1 — IntroductionPart 2 — What Is Strategy And What Are Strategic Decisions?Part 3 — What Is Intelligence And What Is The Role Of Intelligence In The Formulation Of Strategy? Part 4 — Why Games? Part 5 — How, Specifically, Were Games Used in Class? Part 6 — So, How Did It All Work Out? Part 7 — What Did The Students Think About It?Part 8 — What Else Did You Learn? 

Teaching Strategic Intelligence Through Games
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