What is ‘Brandcasting™’?

Check this post What is ‘Brandcasting™’? from Evolving Media Blog:

So what exactly is brandcasting™?

Brandcasting™ is the development of rich-branded experiential content that can be captured, produced and employed by brands across both traditional and Free Media/Social Media landscapes for the purpose of increasing their relevancy and impacting targeted consumer and/or business-to-business marketplaces. When broken down further, brandcasting™ can be translated as the use of online media to broadcast and extend the impact of offline experiential content. This broadcast often results in the generation of a viral buzz across online social networks and digital mediums.

Today, successful brandcasting™ is both defined and controlled by the consumer, who elects which media he or she wants to view, share, and/or participate in. To increase your impact within the consumer marketplace, give your audience what they crave: rich entertainment and personal relevancy. What you bring to the table must be both exciting and pertinent to your audience if you want to get that foot in the door! Why should they pay attention to or even consider purchasing your product?

One of our leading fast food clients wanted to make a big splash in the consumer marketplace in order to increase brand awareness. MME crafted an innovative brandcasting™ initiative for our client, which involved the creation of a branded “Twitter Truck Tour” that traveled all over the country giving out free product samples. Audiences were drawn to the tour because they were given the ability to make direct requests for the tour to make a stop at their house, party, or event with free samples. The tour spread virally as the truck’s followers re-tweeted posts to more than a half-million of their own followers, expanding the brand’s reach exponentially.

Once you have lured potential buyers in by breeding genuine interest, you can weave in your brand’s messages and finally achieve those positive metrics and the bottom line ROI you’ve always dreamed of.

Now we want to hear from you. How have you used brandcasting™ to improve your brand’s relevancy?



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