30 Days Habit Change: Morning Routine

Check this post 30 Days Habit Change: Morning Routine from Freestyle Mind:

Now that I have implemented the habit of waking up at 5 am, I find myself with lots of time available. This is usually a good thing, but time per se is not a big deal if you don’t know what to do with it.

Up until today I would just used to wake up and work on what needed to be done, and if there were nothing to do I would just invent something. This is not necessarily bad, but I always had the feeling that I was missing the big picture, that’s why I’ve decided to start a morning routine. This is what I will do starting from tomorrow:

  • 5 am: wake up.
  • 5.15 am – 6.15 am: writing.
  • 6.15 am – 7:30 am: work on personal projects.
  • 7.30 am: meditation and then breakfast.

I know from experience that one hour per day might not be enough for writing, but it’s a start, and I can always continue during the day. But the big deal for me is being forced to work 1+ hour per day on personal projects. This way not making progress will be almost inevitable, and I’m looking forward to the results of this experiment.

I don’t think that it’s essential to have a morning routine, as you could probably do just fine with one in the afternoon or evening. I also know that I wont be able to do this every single day, but my goal is to do it for at least 5 days per week. As usual, I commit myself for a full 30 days before deciding if it’s worth or not.



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