10 Ways to Use Relationships for Personal Development

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Editor note: This is a guest post from Anna Miller

There’s nothing like a relationship to make you see yourself for who you really are. It strips away your outer shell and reveals your inner core, and this is why you feel emotions more intensely when you’re in a significant relationship – your joys are doubled, as is your pain. But no matter how a relationship begins, progresses or ends, it teaches you more about yourself and helps you develop personally. The key to self-development through relationships is to be aware of your feelings and emotions and learn from your experiences. And you can do this if you:

  1. Don’t repeat mistakes: How many of us make the same mistake over and over again because we’re not wise enough to learn from our prior experiences? For some, it’s being taken for a ride; for others, it may be going all out to please someone and feeling like a doormat at the end of it. Whenever you realize the mistakes you’ve made, you tend to remember them and not repeat them the next time round because the pain you felt is still fresh. Relationships teach you how learn from experience and avoid making the same mistake twice.
  2. Learn how to read people: The more relationships you’re in (with friends, family or significant others), the more you know how to assess and read people by their behavior and actions. You can understand their motivations and be able to judge if they’re looking out for you or looking to take advantage of you. Relationships help you become better appraisers of human beings.
  3. Change yourself: When you’re in a relationship, your best and worst sides tend to come out alternately. You can be really nice to the person you’re with, or if you take them and your relationship for granted, you tend to treat them badly. If you consciously make the decision to be nice to the person you’re with, you better yourself personally. Relationships help you become a better person.
  4. Adjust and accommodate: When you love someone, you want to make your relationship with them work. So you give in to their wishes and tolerate their faults because you want to be with them. When you adjust to their quirks and accommodate their eccentricities because of love, you become an open and easygoing person. Relationships make you more flexible.
  5. Stay positive: Relationships have their advantages and disadvantages. When you learn how to focus on the pros and relegate the cons to the backgrounds, you become a more positive person with a better outlook towards life. Relationships make you an optimist.
  6. Know when to let go: If you’re in an abusive relationship or one that is not working out to your liking, sooner or later, you do find the strength to let go and begin afresh. When you know when to let go, you become a stronger person and gain more control over yourself and your emotions. Relationships help save you from unnecessary pain.
  7. Realize that life is full of ups and downs: When you’ve been in a few relationships, you remove the rose-tinted glasses with which you view the world as a youngster and realize that all aspects of life have their pros and cons, and that emotions like happiness, sadness, joy and pain are fleeting. Relationships make you more rational and practical.
  8. Know that nothing is permanent: Any relationship goes through various stages, and as long as you accept this fact, you’re able to adjust to the changes that occur over a period of time. The more relationships you’ve been in or the longer you stay in any relationship, you realize that it’s best to roll with the change or be stuck in the past with only misery for company. Relationships make you more acceptable to change.
  9. Believe: If you’re hesitant to trust again after a failed relationship, all it takes is one good person to make you believe that all is well with the world again. While it’s not good to trust blindly without knowing the other person, you must also remember that it’s not healthy to shut yourself up and protect your heart if you’ve been hurt before. The key to happiness in a relationship is to know who you can trust and who you must be wary of. Relationships help you identify people you can trust.
  10. Accept: When you’re in a relationship, you see yourself through your partner’s eyes. Although this view might not be similar to the way you perceive yourself, you do tend to accept the way you are when more people see you the same way. And based on the positivity or negativity of this perception, you can change yourself to become a better person. Relationships further self-discovery.

This guest post is contributed by Anna Miller, who writes on the topic of online degree. She welcomes your comments at her email id: anna.miller009[AT]gmail.com.


One Response to 10 Ways to Use Relationships for Personal Development

  1. WeAreAvant ha detto:

    8, 9 and 10 seem particularly relevant, because no matter what happens, we all need to learn to deal with change, believe in ourselves and accept the world for what it really is.


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