The Four Riders of Conflict

Check this post The Four Riders of Conflict from Robin Sharma’s Blog:

Business has become a human venture. Mastering communication is essential for leadership success. However, despite our best effort to speak clearly we often end up off-side in our conversations. In the complex anatomy of communication there are four simple yet powerful conversation stoppers. I call them the Four Riders of Conflict: Always. Never. Everything. Nothing.

Always and Never are absolute conclusions built on the past or assumptions about the future. Nobody likes to hear absolutes. Why? Because they simply aren’t true. "You’re always late for work" or “results never improve” swings the door wide open for heated debate and justification. The debate prevents us from having a productive conversation about the real problem.  Everything and Nothing operate in the same way. These two words lack validity, robbing us of our leadership credibility.

Leaders host productive conversations. Train your brain to drop the Four Riders of Conflict. Use laser like accuracy. Be specific. Precision is a defining characteristic of great leadership.

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