The More you Have, the Less you Need

Check this post The More you Have, the Less you Need from Freestyle Mind:

Since I started my waking up at 5 am experiment, I gained a lot of new time to do the things that I previosuly couldn’t do. For example I can mpw work for 3 straight hours in the morning without any kind of interruption, and I can get more done in those 3 hours than what I would get in 1 week of working in the evenings.

However, a curious thing started to happen. As I gain more time, the things that I was previously considering important are no longer that important. It looks like my brain now knows that I’d rather spend my time doing something of high quality rather than spending 10 minutes here and there doing things that don’t really matter.

I kind of expected this behaviour, although I thought it would have taken more time to come.

I realized that until I started this experiment I could only focus on the small picture. It’s like if I couldn’t see the big picture of what I was doing, so I was spending lots of time doing things like checking email, twitter, or doing work that I would have trashed the next day.

It’s funny because I have drastically reduced my todo list to just the things that are really important for me. Not only that, I have also discarderd all my mini websites that I had built with the intention of making money. The problem was that I had no interest in them, so I didn’t enjoy working on them.

I think this has little to do with waking up early, and more with the fact that I had some time (hours) where I could think. When you complete your todo list and you still have 2 hours ahead of you but can’t spend that time procrastinating, all it’s left is time for thinking. And that’s the most precious time you have.

So I am here today, learning a lesson that I hope I’ll not forget anytime soon, and it’s all about focusing on what’s really important, discarding the rest. But you can’t do that if you don’t have time for thinking, because your brain is too busy focusing on 100 things simultaneously.

If you want to try something new, do yourself a favour and dedicate three hours per week of doing nothing. Sunday mornings are good for this. Note that for doing nothing I don’t mean watching tv or browsing your favourite websites, I really mean nothing, let your brain relax. Do this a few times and you’ll detoxicate from the everyday stress that accumulates during the week, and you’ll also start to reconsider (or reinforce) your priorities.

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