10 SEO Blogs Accepting Guest Posts : Promote Yourself

Check this post 10 SEO Blogs Accepting Guest Posts : Promote Yourself from Search Engine Journal:

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand and site popularity.

By guest posting you expose your business to a wider audience and have an opportunity to link from really powerful sites. It is also a great way to reach the niche influencers and build solid contacts.

This post lists most powerful SEO blogs that currently accept guest contributions to help you build your SEO brand and promote your business:

1. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

Why SEJ?

  • ~ 30K RSS subscribers;
  • ~ 15K Daily On-Site Readers
  • One of the Top 5 SEO Blogs
  • Strong & experienced community;
  • 2,200 + Facebook Fans 🙂
  • Loyal readership of decision makers
  • Search Engines LOVE SEJ
  • I’ll be reviewing and editing your posts 🙂

How to Submit? Contact SEJ or better send your post or ideas to yours truly at seosmarty@gmail.com

2. YouMoz


Why YouMoz?

  • Get a chance to be featured on the main blog;
  • Receive the smartest comments from really educated SEO community.

How to Submit? Register at SEOmoz and click “Write a blog entry” in the sidebar.

3. SEO Scoop

SEO Scoop

Why SEO Scoop?

  • ~ 3, 500 subscribers;
  • And who doesn’t love Donna?

How to submit: read the instructions here.

4. Search Engine People

Search Engine People

Why SEP?

  • Strong community and good chances to get to the Sphinn front page;
  • Ruud is the best when it comes to managing writers and reminding of due posts.

How to submit: learn the instructions here.

5. HuoMah SEO blog

HuoMah SEO blog

Why HuoMah?

  • Dave is a great and smart blogger, you will love the readership he has built on his blog;
  • Dave has a strong community called SEO Dojo and if you are lucky enough, your post will be shared and discussed there as well.

How to Submit: contact Dave or follow and @theGypsy on Twitter

6. SEM Group Blog

Houston SEO blog

Why SEM group?

  • Gerald is super-powerful Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon user; he will promote your post for the maximum exposure. You will find yourself having hundreds of new contacts after guest posting at his blog;
  • I don’t really think you need any more reasons, jut do it.

How to submit: contact Gerald

7. Daily SEO Tip

Daily SEO Tip

Why DST?

  • No need for long posts: just something short, actionable and really useful;
  • Again, I’ll be reviewing and editing your posts 🙂

How to submit: compete the online form or better send your post or ideas to me to seosmarty@gmail.com

8. Hobo SEO

Hobo UK SEO blog

Why Hobo?

  • ~ 6, 500 subscribers;
  • Hobo is one of the most powerful UK SEO resources, so blog there if you are interested in UK connections.

How to submit: Follow and @Hobo_Web on Twitter

9. SEO2.0 Blog

SEO 2.0 blog

Why SEO 2.0?

  • Let the experienced SEO and social media expert promote your article.

How to submit: contact Tad

10. Search Editors

Search Editors

Why Search Editors?

  • New blog with strong PR and clever writers.

How to submit: contact SEO Workers

Bonus Tip: Community of Guest Bloggers

MyBlogGuest Are you serious about guest blogging, then you may want to join our community of guest bloggers to meet people interested in building contacts and find blogs to guest blog for: MyBlogGuest. There you will be able to:

  • Find blogs in any niche to guest blog on;
  • Find writers interested in writing posts for your blogs;
  • Ask for help in promoting your guest posts.

Learn How to Make the Most of your Guest Post:

Here are best posts and tutorials that will help you get the maximum exposure out of your guest post:

Any more great SEO blogs accepting guest contributions? Any guest blogging tactics to share? Please share them in the comments!

Check out the SEO Tools guide at Search Engine Journal.

10 SEO Blogs Accepting Guest Posts : Promote Yourself



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