Why Competitive Intelligence?

In today’s fast changing business world, no-one likes surprises. The ability to be pro-active and not reactive is one of the greatest techniques for creating value within an organization. This requires a continuous process of transforming information into intelligence so that you can manage the future. One of the best tools for making this process work is Competitive Intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence is not just about critical strategic thinking.

Competitive Intelligence can also provide numerous other benefits:

  • Learn more about your own organization – Competitive Intelligence can be used to identify what should be measured within your organization. Competitive Intelligence also focuses on the same critical success factors used in the Balanced Scorecard.
  • Anticipate trends that are unique to your business or industry.
  • Monitor competition, new products, new markets, regulatory action or other external factors critical to your success.
  • Research potential target companies for merger and acquisition.

If you need to better understand the basics behind competitive intelligence, then download this White Paper by Larry Kahaner, author of the book: Competitive Intelligence.



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