StOCNET: Software for the statistical analysis

StOCNET3 is an open software system in a Windows environment for the advanced statistical analysis of social networks. It provides a platform to make a number of recently developed and therefore not (yet) standard statistical methods available to a wider audience. A flexible user interface utilizing an easily accessible data structure is developed such that new methods can readily be included in the future. As such, it will allow researchers to develop new statistical tools by combining their own programs with routines of the StOCNET system, providing a faster availability of newly developed methods.

In this paper the author show the current state of the developments. The emphasis is on the implementation and operation of the programs that are included in StOCNET: BLOCKS (for stochastic blockmodeling), p2 (for analyzing binary network data with actor and/or dyadic covariates), SIENA (for analyzing repeated measurements of social networks), and ZO (for calculating probability distributions of statistics). Moreover, they present an overview of future contributions, which will be available in the near future, and of planned activities with respect to the functionality of the StOCNET software. StOCNET is a freeware PC program, and can be obtained from the StOCNET website at

StOCNET: Software for the statistical



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